The M90 vessel is the next iteration of the M-Hull family of high-speed, shallow draft vessels.

The signature M-hull design affords unprecedented efficiency, stability, modularity, extreme weather ops capability, and payload flexibility for nearly any mission.

The extended hull length and raised top deck improve the structural integrity of the M90 Platform, allowing for custom fitouts to meet myriad mission capabilities.

The M-90’s upgraded waterjet drive train increases maneuverability without compromising speed and allows for 400 hours of operations between routine maintenance.


M-Hulls, derive their strength from the exterior structure. This allows for a wide-open interior that can be customized to meet customer requirements and reconfigured to meet ever-changing operating environments.

The monocoque design is minimally manned by a crew of three (3) or five (5), with the ability to remain at sea for 3-5 days.

The carbon fiber hull is low maintenance as it does not corrode, expand, nor warp, ideal characteristics for deployment in remote areas with extreme weather.

Embedded fastener floor tracks allow for rapid ready refits of all Ghostworks M-Hull vessels, increasing versatility and utility.


The M90’s 700 Nautical Miles range and high speed allow it to respond to crises far out to sea and in a rapid timeframe. The ability to swiftly deliver large payloads with such a wide array of assets and capabilities to a crisis zone is unmatched in the industry. Performance modeling with an updated drive train predict an extended range up to 1100 Nautical Miles with the same 16K liter fuel tank.  

The M90’s low draft allows it to respond to flood zones and littoral disaster areas providing search and rescue capabilities, cargo transport, communications relays, and unmanned mothership capabilities in the wake of a disaster.


The M90 Requires four drive lines and can accommodate either stern drive propellers or waterjets.  

Ghostworks Marine recommends Arneson surface drives with Rolla props due to proven performance on the vessel, low maintenance requirements, and low drag when compared to conventional submerged propeller systems.  

Ghostworks Marine is working with Castoli Waterjets to develop and test its waterjet system for use on the M-hull platform. Ghostworks anticipates the advanced waterjet system to improve the overall M-hull speed and maneuverability, with an improved turning radius.


The M90 can be configured with dual or quad drive lines accommodating stern drive propellers or waterjet propulsion. Ghostworks Marine standard outfitting includes four MAN marine diesel engines paired with Arneson Surface drives with Rolla props or Castoli Waterjets. Ghostworks Marine works with a wide variety of propulsion providers to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, readily integrating into current supply chains.

Ghostworks Marine also offers a MAN Diesel-Electric hybrid drive line to provide green transportation and economic patrol options.


The M90 is a fully integrated vessel. All functions can be controlled by the three-person crew from the bridge with a custom GWM and Bonning or MT systems.