The GT40 uses the same hybrid planing hull technology proven in racing and commercial boats created by Toro Yachts. The lightweight carbon fiber hull stands apart because it breaks through the hull speed limit of conventional displacement craft. This allows the combined performance of speed, payload, and shallow draft needed for effective operation, whether uncrewed or optionally manned. This high-speed interceptor or rapid response vessel can reach speeds of 80 MPH with dual engines and up to 100 MPH with a quad pack. A uniquely stable platform the M-40GT can turn at 40 MPH without exceeding 2 degrees of lift.

The GT40 platform’s flexibility allows customization for a wide variety of missions, including but not limited to security, policing, search & rescue, logistics, and research operations.

Built with advanced Carbon Manufacturing techniques, the GT40 can be produced in Six (6) to Nine (9) months, depending on the options selected.