Ghostworks vessels fill the growing capability gap for rapid response littoral craft. The low manning requirement and high-level systems integration allow our vessels to accomplish various missions independently or as a key contributor to multi-domain forces.

  • ISR – The Ghostworks vessels can be outfitted with a variety of EO/IR, SIGINT, ELANT, and Radars to monitor and collect on targets of interest.

  • SOF Insertion – The Ghostworks larger vessels’ high-speed and deployable RHIB allows M90 to insert and extract small boat teams rapidly.

  • UUV/USV/UAV Launch, Recovery, & Control – Ghostworks vessels’s multi-purpose information center allows them to act as a mothership for uncrewed systems and serve as a C4ISR center.

  • Weapons Systems – Ghostworks vessels can be armed with a variety of remote weapons systems, including 50 caliber guns, APKWS rockers, and anti-ship missiles.

  • Mine Clearance – Carbon Fiber construction combined with UUV control allow Ghostwork’s larger vessels to be an effective, safe, and rapid-response anti-mine vessel.

  • Rapid Response – With speeds of 50+ Knots, Ghostworks vessels can respond to a crisis in a fraction of the time required by traditional marine forces.

  • Search and Rescue – The Ghostworks’ M-hull designs allow for operations in sea state five, empowering them to reach distressed vessels that other platforms cannot.


Cybersecurity has quickly become a key pillar of the Defense sphere. As a part of the Defense Industrial Base, Ghostworks is prepared for the future and is CMMC 2.0 Level 2 Ready.