The changing security environment requires assets that are smaller, more dispersed, lower signature, and unmanned. GHOSTWORKS is leveraging its racing/commercial boat building expertise and military/security experience to bring to market this versatile, cutting-edge platform.

In partnership with experienced leaders in the autonomous vessel space, Ghostworks customizes the M-Hull platform for use in a variety of uncrewed options.

The Tiburón employs the M-Hull for use in a variety of defense, first responder, research, logistics, and search and rescue operations. The Tiburón system integrates seamlessly into the Ghostworks product line of military and utility craft, and can be customized to accommodate a variety of electronics and customer-furnished weapon systems. The Tiburón is readily paired with the M90 Mothership providing a ready integrated fleet which can rapidly deploy to any theater.

The unique shape of the M-Hull allows for dramatic increases in speed, range, stability, and payload capacity compared to conventional monohulls.

Our construction methodology results in a high-strength thermoresistant hull structure that is low maintenance and free from corrosion, warping, and expansion. Ghostworks often can produce customized USVs in three (3) to six (6) months.