The M40 is the newest member of the Ghostworks M-Hull family. This single M-Hull design affords unprecedented stability, efficiency, modularity, all weather capability, and payload flexibility for nearly any mission. The M40 provides up to a 60% reduction in impact and wave slap compared to a traditional V-hulled vessel of its size.

The M40 is fully customizable from the waterline up, and able to meet almost any requirement or preference.

The M40 platform’s flexibility allows customization for a wide variety of missions, including but not limited to security, policing, search & rescue, logistics, and research operations.

The M40 is designed for landing on the beach or in a well deck of a larger mothership. The carbon fiber hull is nearly maintenance-free as it does not corrode, expand, or warp, thereby allowing the paint to last longer.

The monocoque design is minimally manned by a crew of one (1) or two (2) or can be upgraded to uncrewed. It allows flexibility to carry modular packages and changes for missions to occur quickly and safely. The M40 can be customized to accommodate a variety of customer-furnished weapon systems, including Non-Lethal weapons, 50 caliber guns, and APKWS rockets.

Built with advanced carbon manufacturing techniques, the M40 can often be produced in six (6) to nine (9) months, depending on the options selected.